Services for:

Part 93 – Corporate Aviation Operations and High Performance Aircraft
Part 94 – Operation of Non-Type Certified Aircraft
Part 96 – Commercial Operation of Non-Type Certified Aircraft
Part 105 – Operation of Parachutes and Drop Zones
Part 108 – Air Cargo Security
Part 139 – Aerodromes and Heliports
Part 147 – Design Organisations for Products, Part and Appliances
Part 148 – Manufacturing Organisations
Part 149 – Aviation Recreation Organisations

Services include:

Corporate Aviation Operations Certificate (CAO) Applications, renewals and amendments
Air Service License (ASL) Applications and Amendments
Drafting, management and vetting of:

–          Documentation packages
–          Emergency Response Plans
–          Maintenance Agreements
–          Maintenance Control Manuals
–          Minimum Equipment Lists
–          Operations Manuals
–          Quality Assurance Management
–          Safey Management Systems
–          Security Manuals
–          Standard Operating Procedures

Induction Training
Operations Manual Training
Quality Assurance Management
Safety Management
Safety Management System Training
Security Training